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Sticker large – 100mm

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Exemplary, graphical representation of the final product

For better representation, the flags here are provided with a "shadow left". This is not present on the original sticker.


Names or individual messages

Our stickers are high-end products. Absolutely colourfast, sharp-edged and manufactured separately. This means that each flag symbol is presented standing for itself without any intermediate or background foil. To achieve this, our stickers are equipped with a special, transparent backing paper on the front.

Design yourself and choose

  • 5 different flag sizes (10, 15, 30, 50 or 100 mm flag height)
for yourself, your boat, your family or gladly for your friends. The application possibilities are almost limitless. Our stickers are of course
  • heat and cold resistant
  • seawater-resistant (without permanent underwater use)
  • UV-resistant
  • can be removed without leaving any residue
  • Made in Germany

Made in Germany

For a high-end sticker from SignalFlagName, print templates in the file format .pdf, .png or .tif are not sufficient. In order to obtain a precise separation as well as a perfect presentation of the individual colours, reprographic work is necessary. Similar to an embossing stamp, each flag is elaborately produced as a template.

Of course, the highest quality level also applies to the used materials.