simple and elegant – dinnerware Coup

Only 3 steps to your personal one-of-a-kind

Upload your template here 1, determine the number of colours 2 and put together your personal dinnerware set 3. Your design will be scaled in a field with a maximum width of 85 mm and a maximum height of 35 mm. In order to be able to burn in your template without loss of quality, if it is not a vector file, our graphic designer will convert it into one free of charge.

No own logo/design?
Send us a message to: and describe your desired design. We would be happy to make you two suggestions free of charge and without obligation.

We ask for your understanding, but we can only carry out our calculation once you have selected at least 36 pieces of crockery.
Graphic representation. Your design will be scaled into an 85mm x 35mm box.

It is not for nothing that Seltmann Weiden porcelain products are the first choice when it comes to quality. Optimum heat storage, maximum cut resistance, special breakage and edge chipping, mirror-smooth surface for easy cleaning, microwaveable and after 1,000. Rinse cycle still like new... This has its price, but offers lifelong pleasure. Compose your service below:

Note: Despite all care, minimal color deviations from the original may occur. The reasons for this are physical or chemical in nature and therefore no reason for a return or exchange. More information here.