Delivery & Shipping Conditions

The price of exclusivity - delivery time

All orders from SignalFlagName are individual and are manufactured individually for you according to your order. Thus, preliminary works, warehousing and stocking of material are not possible. From manufacturers view, almost all our orders are absolute small orders. No order is like the other and this is another complicating factor. It eliminates the possibility of preparing any processes at all.

In order to get a producer excited about SignalFlagName, we had to admit that our orders would be integrated into their own work process in a way as it is best suiting for them and their processes. We agreed a maximum production time of three (porcelain tableware up to five) weeks. We cannot influence whether a producer collects the orders and then works through in one piece or whether he fills up his ongoing work processes with individual orders from SignalFlagName.

Therefore, we would like to ask you to refrain from inquiring about the delivery date within the maximum delivery time we have specified.

The effort involved in this would be disproportionate and, as described above, is beyond our control. However, this approach has the advantage that many customers have a significantly shorter delivery time.

  • Shipping cost

    Product Shipping costs in € (Germany and EU-regions) Shipping costs in € (CH, USA, CAN, GB)
    Woven labels € 4,95 € 11,95
    Embroidered labels € 4,95 € 11,95
    Stickers € 4,95 € 11,95
    Boat tableware € 19,95 € 29,95

    If there are several products in one order, the shipping costs are not added up.

  • Shipping regions

    Denmark (except Faroe Islands, Greenland*)
    Finland (except Åland Islands*)
    France (except overseas territories and departments*)
    Greece (except Mount Athos*)
    Italy (except Livigno and Campione d'Italia*)
    Netherlands (except non-European territories*)
    Spain (except Canary Islands, Ceuta and Melilla*)
    Czech Republic
    Cyprus (except northern part*)

    We also ship to the Switzerland, Great Britain (except Channel Islands*), USA and Canada. Please note our separate shipping costs.

    For Swiss customers we recommend using the service The relevant information is available online at Against a small fee, takes care of all customs formalities and of delivery to your front door.

    Important *
    If - despite clear information - you have specified an area in one of the exclusion regions marked with * as the receiving address for your order, we reserve the right to subsequently invoice you for the costs incurred.
    In addition, you agree that in this case we are released from any liability for the receipt of the goods as soon as the ordered goods have left the production facility(s) and the shipping confirmation has been sent to you.

    All other regions
    Of course, we can also arrange deliveries to other countries. However, we cannot use standard procedures for such deliveries because taxes, customs, export and import regulations are handled very differently in many countries.
    To check the additional costs of shipping to your desired country of delivery, please contact us here.


  • Shipping & packaging

    If you have ordered different products, you will receive them separately. This is not only more economical, but also much more environmentally friendly than collecting them centrally and then sending them again.

    When ordering larger quantities of boat tableware, it can also make sense not to pack all parts in one package, but to split them into several packages. This does not change the shipping costs for you.

    And if used packaging and filling material is available, this should be re-used.

    Whenever possible, the dispatch is carbon neutral.