Do you have any questions about our products? Here are the answers…

  • Woven or embroidered labels?

    Like so much in life, it is a matter of personal taste. We believe, the finer the structure of the fabric is on which a label should be applied, the more suitable a woven label is for it.

    • In our estimation, woven labels go perfectly with shirts, bed and bath linen, blouses, tablecloths, shirts, tea towels, pareos, jackets ...
    • We would recommend embroidered labels for hand and bath towels, cockpit cushions, sailing clothing, luggage, jackets, polo shirts, awnings, deck chair covers, etc.
  • Environment

    Even if nowadays hardly any company can afford to forego environmental standards, we pay attention to the way all our partners deal with the environment. We do not see ourselves as environmental police. For us, the range of their environmental and product certifications shall prevail - up to the green roof surface.

    For example, our textile product suppliers are certified according to STANDARD 100 by OEKO-TEX®. The Oeko-Tex Standard 100 certifies textiles such as clothing, towels and bed linen, but also raw and intermediate textile products such as yarn, fabric, knitted fabrics, buttons, zippers, sewing threads and labels.

    While the dispatch of stickers, embroidered and woven labels is not a problem, the packaging for the shatterproof dispatch of tableware is a bit more complex and we need a lot of filling material. Therefore, we try - whenever possible - to fall back on previously used packaging and filling material.

    Whenever possible, we ship climate neutral.

    Textile Adhesive
    The textile adhesive that we include - free of charge and without any liability or legal claim - is based on natural latex and is ecological. For more information, please click here.

  • Why do we only offer porcelain crockery

    Because enough plastic (dishes) already pollutes our seas.

  • Is it possible to order individual parts of the dishes?

    No. A one-off production would be disproportionate in every respect.

  • dinnerware / burn-in process

    Your motif is burned in with ceramic colors. The surface of the porcelain melts and the color penetrates. The surface reseals as it cools. In a way, the imprint is not on the article, but in the material. This also makes your motif cut-resistant. This extremely high temperature process can change the color of the ceramic within an acceptable range and the result may differ from the originally desired color as each metal oxide behaves slightly differently.

    In order to avoid this as far as possible, the experience of the master distiller is required. After many thousands of firing processes with a wide variety of colors, you can estimate very well in which direction a color will change as a result of the firing process. When mixing a full shade of ceramic color powder, they already take this into account and mix in the desired color with the corresponding deviation, which is then "corrected" in the oven.

  • Reorders for dinnerware / boat tableware

    For customers who have already ordered a dinnerware / boat tableware, reorders are of course possible in sets of 6.

  • Is the textile adhesive an alternative to sewing on?

    Of course, we tested this. And according to our attempts, we can answer this question with an unequivocal YES. However, our first attempts did not have the desired success - but this was up to us:

    • we were in a hurry
    • we applied the adhesive too thick
    • we stuck over the edge
    • we applied the pasted woven / embroidered labels several times
    • we do not spread the glue exactly in the corner

    None of this leads to a good result. Therefore, when you work with the textile adhesive, please take your time and work carefully.

  • Why woven / embroidered labels are not available to no iron-on?

    This is purely a protective function. Whilst our woven / embroidered labels can withstand the temperature of an iron, we do not know on which material some of our customers iron on.

    And in order to avoid images of shrunk silk pillows, blousons or even life jackets etc., we decided against applying an iron-on film.

  • Can the textile adhesive be ordered individually?

    No. This is a free addition (without any liability or legal claim) to our customers. You can click here for the manufacturer's address.

  • Is it possible to purchase other sizes of the offered products?

    In case of larger purchase quantities - at any time. We can offer considerable discounts if the purchase quantity is 4 times the number of items offered.

  • Made in Germany

    We are happy to tell you that

    • every SignalFlagName production process takes place in Germany. The raw materials (for example a red yarn or parts of the boat tableware Flag) for this can be supplied by certified European suppliers.
    • we know each supplier personally.
    • we also get access to the production facilities.
    • our business partners also have a maritime connection and are partly yacht or boat owners themselves.
  • Payment options

    We offer the options listed here

    • PayPal
    • Instant bank transfer
    • Credit card