Dinnerware Coup

Signs of perfect table culture

High-quality porcelain from the Seltmann Weiden manufactory is not only an optical highlight but also a first-class image factor. Especially when every piece of tableware is finished with a personal logo. Whether at home or in the office, for your guests or customers - the flat design language of the Coup tableware series always looks elegant due to its simplicity, and serves perfectly as presentation area for your logo/design. This is burned in using a high-temperature process (not printed on) and is, therefore, of course microwave suitable, cut-resistant and dishwasher-safe. More on this at: FAQ / Burn-in processes

No design of your own?
Create it yourself or let yourself be inspired to create a logo at one of the many online shops. In some cases, you can even create your own design there free of charge. Or hire a graphic designer.

Create your own dinnerware now

Only we offer this service:

  • Personalized dinnerware of highest quality
  • Exclusive - custom-made - products starting from 36 individual parts
  • No minimum quantity per piece of dinnerware required (possible from just 1 piece)
  • Up to 5 color tones per logo/design

Create your own dinnerware now

Note: Despite all care, minimal color deviations from the original may occur. The reasons for this are physical or chemical in nature and therefore no reason for a return or exchange. More information here.

Made in Germany / Seltmann Weiden

With more than 200 years of experience in the manufacture of porcelain, the Seltmann Group's porcelain meets highest international standards of design, functionality, durability and exclusivity. This also entails the development of innovative technologies for environmentally friendly manufacture of products that even comply with the strict health guidelines of the State of California/USA. Detailed information and certificates here.

This constantly growing manufacturing expertise cannot be replaced and since all manufacturing steps are performed in Germany also secure jobs in the country.