Woven labels

Your individual text in signal flags

Only here you ennoble fine textiles with your brand. Determine your desired name / desired text and transfer it to finest quality woven labels with SignalFlagName. These are washable and ironable, lightfast, UV-resistant and are ideally suited for indoor and outdoor areas as well as for garments

Create your own woven labels now

Design yourself and choose

Woven labels for yourself, your boat, your family or to delight your friends. For example for:

  • Shirts, blouses, pareos
  • Boat cushions
  • Shirts, baseball caps
  • Crew- & swimwear
  • Bed and table linen
  • and much more

Create your own woven labels now

Made in Germany

Our woven labels are manufactured according to the principle of carpet production. The various shapes and colours are interwoven directly by crossing them using so-called warp and weft threads. And to prevent the edges from fraying, a tape edge is woven in during the weaving process.

This type of production is known as jacquard weaving technology. And that means: the finer the threads, the higher the quality of the finishing. Our woven labels are characterized by a particularly thin and therefore high resolution quality. Of course, our woven labels are washable and ironable, lightfast, UV-resistant and are suited for indoor and outdoor areas.

And how to attach ...?

The classic way to apply a patch is to sew it on. Whether by hand or by machine. The advantage of this method is that the patch can be removed easily.
We therefore recommend sewing on our embroidered and woven labels.

Also available are excellent textile adhesives. And if you order woven and / or embroidered labels, we add a textile adhesive - free of charge and without any liability or legal claim.

  • ecological
  • washable up to 95 ° C
  • ironable up to 180 ° C
  • water resistant
  • for fabrics, textiles, leather, neoprene and awning fabrics
  • resistant to heat, cold and sun (-20 ° C to 120 ° C)
  • made in Germany

The clear advantage of this method is that your patches can be attached very quickly. However, as usual with adhesives, they should be handled with care. For more information, click here.